Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the seducer

This illustration is done as a cover for the shampoo package.
First I prepared the b & w scatch, than finalized , the drawing with inc pencils and then coloured skin, hair and dress on a separate layers, ( relatively small number of them, though I did not include all used layers.After finishing all the separate color layers I flattened the image and pro ceded wit image corrections .
Drawing and coloring photshop CS 3.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

midsummer poster

This poster I did for one of our theater houses in Macedonia.

I started with raff sketch of the figure and then worked on new layer, the precise black and white drawing of the fairy and finished coloring of the faerie figure and putting some scanned leaves for faeiry,s dress. With complete figure painted I composed the background as a combination of several photos, set on overlay. With every element in place, I flattened the layers and worked with clone, dodge and burn tool on the final touches.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

published & upublished

faerie & faerie song

shapeless & Ophelia
sacrifice & snake charmers

Here they are some works I did for myself, for fun, two of them
,,faerie song ,,and ,,snake charmers,, are published as a gift cards .

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Digitally Colored Illustrations

More digitally colored stuff , all of them published in different magazines.

Black and White

More b&w illustrations, tree of them published (Monkey Family, Mole shooter and Spaceship), and other two are done just for fun.

"Profesor Zoo"

Also some illustrations for children's book, this time drawings and watercolors are mine.

Illustrations for "The water of immortality"

Illustrations for children's book (unpublished). Colors are again by Toni Anastasovski.

Illustrations for children's publications

Some examples of English Language Teaching project.
The technique is pencils, watercolors with some digital adjustments.
The colors are by my friend Toni Anastasovski and drawing is mine.